Our Clients

Restaurants and tourist establishments sector

  • Saqqara cruise ship for Nile tourism
  • The International Company for Tourism Projects
  • New Golden Nile Company for Tourism Services
  • Brazzers Company for Tourism Services
  • Golden Nile Tourism Company
  • H2O Company for catering supplies
  • India Gate restaurants chain
  • Amy Tourism Company
  • Presto Café
  • Pasta Café
  • Blue Cap for internal tourism and limousine
  • Jojo Juece Group of Companies
  • Joffrey's Café Restaurants Group
  • Roastry Café
  • Elkhaleeg Rose Restaurant
  • Ala Zokaak Restaurant
  • Caracas chain of restaurants
  • Cavalli café
  • Mesk café
  • Corner eleven restaurant
  • Cafelooka restaurant
  • Ekhan café
  • Porto café
  • Crazy horse restaurant
  • Magafy trade company
  • X-Sticks Restaurant
  • El Basha restaurant
  • Al Khan Tourist Restaurant
  • Doha Lounge Restaurant
  • El Shams Wel kamar Restaurant
  • El Saiad Restaurant
  • El Anany Restaurant
  • Ensial Restaurant
  • Gulf Blues Restaurant
  • Dream Tourist Restaurant
  • Rendezvous Restaurant
  • Sea rock restaurant
  • Sea Celeano Restaurant
  • View Restaurant
  • Mesk Restaurant
  • Mahsoob Restaurant

Petroleum services sector

  • MSN Petroleum Services Company
  • The Red Sea International Company for Petroleum Services
  • Ultra Extract Company - Fayoum
  • Ultra Extract Company for oil extraction
  • Al Murjan Group Company
  • Hope Vision Company for Petroleum Services
  • Kaoud Company of industrial oils distribution.

Medical supplies and drugs sector

  • Arab Union for Medical Supplies
  • Pharmacist Company for Medicines Trade
  • The Egyptian French Drug Trade Company
  • The United Egyptian Pharmaceutical Company
  • Organo Pharma Company
  • Pharma Tech for the pharmaceutical trade
  • Fadel Bio Medical Company
  • Medical tests laboratory
  • Middle East Pharmaceutical Company

Furniture and decoration sector

  • El Beet El Hadees for home appliances
  • The Pharaonic Company for Paints - Kamako
  • Al-Hoda Company for Decoration Supplies
  • Oima Decoration Company
  • Colors Stores Company

clothing and fashion houses

  • Cotton Stock Factory
  • Mark Tex Factory
  • Hala veiled factory
  • One piece for you factory
  • El Nouran clothes factory
  • Eve factory for ready-made clothes
  • Transwear Factory for Ready Made clothes
  • Chance Factory for ready made clothes
  • 2M factory for ready made clothes
  • Top quality factory for ready made clothes
  • Flash store chain for ready made clothes
  • Solo factory for ready made clothes
  • First factory for ready made clothes
  • Violet Atelier
  • Saly Mounir Atelier

Shipping and customs clearance sector

  • Four Stars Company for Shipping and Customs Clearance

Import and Export

  • Al-Ikhlas Corporation for Import and Export
  • Ambassador Company
  • Icon Mac Company
  • Protect company for import and export
  • Blue line company
  • Al-Fouad Engineering Company
  • 2Plus 1 Company
  • Gama Electronics’ company
  • General company for import and export
  • Cross Borders Trading Company - UAE

Media, culture and books sector

  • The Egyptian Saudi Media Company
  • Obeikan Saint-Gobain Company
  • Camera libraries 9
  • Live TV channels

Sports sector

  • The Egyptian Academy for Martial Arts Training

Electrical systems trade sector

  • Middle East Company for Engineering and Electrical Systems
  • Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Company for Electrical Supplies

Spinning and weaving sector

  • Al-Safa Textiles Company
  • Tamtex Company

Packaging sector

  • Green Land Plastic Factory
  • El Ghaly Plastic Factory

Transport sector, trips and car trade

  • El Anhar group
  • Al-Madina Al-Munawwarah Company for Transport and Trips
  • Nile Company for workers transfer
  • El Yasmeen company for transport
  • Grand Limousine Company
  • Horus Company for transportation
  • Direct Company for transportation
  • Salsabil Travel company
  • Salsabil Group Service Company
  • Sunex Cars Company
  • Furat and Nile Limousine Company
  • Ahmed Kamal Car Showroom
  • Hejaz car rental company
  • Vision for cars
  • Ferrari Limousine Company
  • Makkah Tours Company
  • Mini Motors Company

Contracting and construction sector

  • Red Sea International Contracting
  • Al-Tawfiq Contracting Company
  • El Massia Contracting Company
  • Egyptian contracting company
  • The Arab Foundation for Construction and Urban Development
  • Al-Hadeer Contracting Company
  • Engineering Company for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contracting
  • National Contracting Company
  • Green Line Contracting Company
  • Sina Group Factory for Marble and Granite
  • Amar Company for Engineering Works
  • Garbex General Contracting Company
  • Al-Nour Foundation for General Contracting

Agricultural services sector and cattle

  • African Development Trade Company - ADCO
  • General for Chemicals Trade and Industrial Services - GICTCO
  • Nile Company for Contracting and Agricultural Supplies
  • Sayed Zait farms for fattening Cattle

Industrial security sector and supplies

  • The Arab Company for Trade and Supplies
  • United Group for Trade and Supplies
  • Image General Supplies Company
  • Petronal Supplies Company
  • Top Care International Company
  • Arab Fire and Security Company
  • Taif Supplies Company
  • Leader Supplies Company
  • Vienna Biological Center

Food security sector

  • Delta Food Company for Trade and Investment
  • Dana company for the import and export of foodstuffs
  • Taiba Trading Company
  • Vegvac company for freezing and packing vegetables

Information technology and software sector

  • The Lebanese Software Company
  • The United Company – Zuma for Communication System
  • Orax Egypt Company
  • Olivent Software Development Company
  • Omega link Company
  • Three Hand Company for designing and producing programs
  • Hope Vision Company for scientific research and technological applications
  • Servicom Computer Company
  • Sun Company for Systems and Supplies Solutions
  • Konami Company
  • Microse Computers Company

Publicity, advertising and organizing exhibitions sector

  • Al-Multaqa International Company for organizing exhibitions
  • Nile Company for Trade, Supplies and Exhibitions
  • Amagen advertising and publicity company
  • Prime advertising and publicity company
  • Shaaban Rashad advertising and publicity corporation
  • Friends advertising and publicity agency
  • New Craft advertising and publicity company

Service and maintenance centers sector

  • Electric Motor Trading Company
  • Techno Service Company
  • Car servo maintenance center
  • Auto Master Center for car maintenance
  • Kaoud Company for Tires and Batteries

Real estate development and investment sector

  • Idar Company - First Class
  • Malako International Company

National Associations Sector

  • Nasr Company for Buildings and Constructions Association
  • Marathon Association for Land Reclamation
  • Nahdet Shabika Association

Trade sector

  • NASA Engineering and Trade Company
  • Nassar Company for import agricultural tractors/h5>
  • Al-Nour Trade and Heavy Equipment Corporation
  • Euro Golf Minerals & Metal Company